Very Lube Complex Fuel System Cleaner Petrol


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When using standard petrol fuel, inevitable contamination of the fuel system and the formation of deposits on the nozzles.

These deposits reduce engine power, increase fuel consumption, increase exhaust toxicity, and cause uneven idling.

Thoroughly and effectively cleans the fuel system of the engine from all types of contaminants, and also improves the operational characteristics of the fuel.

It is recommended for inclusion in standard fuel during refuelling to improve its quality.

With constant use, it is guaranteed to support the basic parameters of the engine (power, throttle response, fuel consumption, easy start-up) at the “like new” level and ensures its proper operation.

-Effectively cleans all elements of the fuel system in case of severe contamination.
-Improves fuel quality to Euro 4
-Restores engine power to factory settings
-Increases fuel combustion efficiency and reduces fuel consumption
-Reduces Knock Risk
-Removes moisture from the fuel system
-Eliminates cold start problems
-Contains highly effective detergents, as well as the fuel of branded brands (EURO + standard)
-Reduces the content of harmful components in the exhaust gases

-Add the contents of the cylinder to the neck of the fuel tank before refuelling at the rate of one cylinder (250 ml) per 40-60 litres of fuel
-Operate the car normally

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Very Lube Complex Fuel System Cleaner Petrol


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