Very Lube Radiator Flush (250ml)


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Quickly, in just 10 minutes, dissolves deposits, dirt and rust accumulated in the radiator and cooling system.

It is recommended to use at each replacement of a cooling liquid.

-Quickly cleans the cooling system
-Removes scale, rust and dirt
-Creates a protective anti-corrosion film on parts of the cooling system
-It neutralizes the formed acids, protects the system from corrosion
-Increases engine cooling efficiency

-Warm up the engine to operating temperature, the engine should be warm, but not hot
-Pour the agent into the radiator tank with the engine off
-Start the engine and allow it to idle for 10 minutes with the interior heating on

During the operation of the cooling system, deposits form on its parts over time, which reduce the heat sink from the engine. To effectively cool the engine, it is recommended to flush its cooling system with each coolant change.

-It does not require subsequent neutralization, it is completely safe to use
-It is neutral in relation to all types of structural materials of the cooling system: alloys (including aluminium), plastics and sealants

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Very Lube Radiator Flush (250ml)


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