Verylube Gun Cleaning Grease


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The copper breath in the channel of the barrel can be easily and safely removed with the agent VERYLUBE FOAM FOR CLEANING THE RUNS OF WEAPONS.


Hydro-refined hydrocarbon solvent, mineral oil, detergent, perfume, revitalizant, hydrocarbon blowing agent.



The bottle shaking.Your content on all parts and mechanisms of Waffesprühen. Carry out the cleaning of the weapon.

Keep out of the reach of children. The bottle is under pressure: avoid direct sun and temperatures above 500C. Do not cut open the bottle and do not burn it even if it is empty. Do not spray near sparkles and naked flame. Do not smoke. Do not inhale vapors / aerosol. Avoid contact with eyes and skin. Use only in well-ventilated areas.

Storage time: 5 years


Spray can 500 ml, art ХВ 41903_2


Modern special cleaning lubricant for weapons. Contains Revitalizant.

Ensures quick and easy cleaning of small and large caliber drawn and bad weapons (hunting, sporting, war weapons, antique weapons, etc.).

The remedy is recommended for daily care with frequent shooting (in the shooting club, on the hunt).

  • – Rapid displacement of soiling from inaccessible areas of the weapon mechanism
  • – Easy dissolution of the powder residues in the channel of the barrel and in weapon mechanisms
  • – Special components of the lubricant neutralize the negative acid influence of the powder gases
  • – Reliable lubrication of screw, joint and pin connections, their protection against moisture and corrosion
  • – Guarantee of proper operation of the lock and trigger mechanism
  • – Maintenance of the channel surface of the barrel in an ideal state thanks to the revitalizant
  • – The agent contains no alkalis, is neutral to plastic, wood, to painted or painted surfaces, burnishing
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Verylube Gun Cleaning Grease


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