XADO Atomic Oil 2T FC (Two-stroke Oil Engine Oil)


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Tin can 1 L, type XA 28116

Two-stroke Oil Engine Oil – Motorcycle Moped Oil – XADO Atomic Oil 2T FC.

Two-stroke oil / engine oil – synthetic and low smoke for engines of motorized equipment. Contains Atomic Revitalizant®.

  • – Two-stroke oil engine oil for engines – suitable for: motorcycle / moped / scooter / snowmobile / lawn mower / chainsaw / chainsaw / power generator and other motorized devices with air or water cooling
  • – Developed especially for two-stroke engines, which are operated at maximum loads and high temperatures
  • – Protects the engine efficiently with short-term overloads
  • – Thanks to a low-smoke formula, it keeps the engine clean and prevents the formation of dirt in the combustion chamber and in the exhaust ports
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XADO Atomic Oil 2T FC (Two-stroke Oil Engine Oil)


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