XADO Atomic Oil 85W-140 GL 5 LSD 1L


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Technical Information *

Density at 20 ° C, kg / l 0.907
Viscosity at 100 ° C, mm² / s 26.5
Viscosity at 40 ° C, mm² / s 363
Viscosity at -20 ° C, mPa · s 140,000
viscosity Index 97
Flash point, ° C 241
Pour point, ° C <-15

* typical values


XADO Atomic Oil 85W-140 GL 5 LSD.

High-viscosity mineral oil of the highest class for assemblies of mechanical gearboxes. Contains Atomic Revitalizant®.

  • – Especially suitable for self-locking differential gears (Limited Slip Differential)
  • – Effectively protects the main drives and differential gears of all kinds
  • – Ensures bumpless shifting of the clutches on self-locking differential gears and prevents the sliding back (stick-slip effect)
  • – Efficiently prevents wear under all, especially extreme, operating conditions

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Make / Brand

Mercedes Benz, Toyota


E220, Premio, Vitz

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XADO Atomic Oil 85W-140 GL 5 LSD 1L


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