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Compatible with DOT 3, DOT 4, DOT 5.1.

Exceeds the requirements of American standard DOT 4 and specifications of the leading car manufacturers (BMW, VW, MAN) regarding brake fluids for passenger cars and trucks.

Technical information

  • – Recommended for application in cars for which the manufacturer specifies the use of DOT 4 or DOT 3 fluids
  • – Can be mixed with standard brake fluids (transparent golden DOT 3, DOT 4, DOT 5.1)
  • – Do not recommend to use it for a brake system with the fluid on mineral basis (green, LHM) or silicone brake fluid (purple, DOT 5)

Requirements and specifications

DOT 4 FMVSS 116 SAE J 1703
ISO 4925 BMW 9368
VW 3057 MAN TUC v3681


  • – Provides reliable and safe operation of all types of car brake systems
  • – Guarantees flawless operation of the brake system for 2.5 years (~78 000 miles of run)
  • – Remains incompressible under the severest operating conditions (by prolonged and intensive braking during the heat), momentarily conveys the driver’s effort from the brake pedal to the brake cheek
  • – Has higher temperature of “wet” boiling (more than + 338 °F), which prevents brake fading
  • – Quickly removes heat from parts of the brake system, prevents overheating of the brakes
  • – Due to low viscosity at low temperatures guarantees excellent operational properties in cold conditions (lower than -58°F)
  • – Prevents deposit formation and keeps the brake system perfectly clean
  • – Fully compatible with all types of metals, alloys, materials of seals and pipes used in car brake systems
  • – Due to Revitalizant®, protects friction surfaces from emerging burring and corrosion, thus providing smooth operation of the brakes without chocking or sticking


Applied to brake systems of cars equipped with disk or drum brakes, including antilock (ABS) and antispin regulation (ASR) systems; hydraulic clutch systems.

Manufactured on the basis of special ethers and low-molecular polymers, improved by an additive package. Contains Revitalizant®.

Why does XADO DOT 4 contain Revitalizant®

The Revitalizant® included into XADO DOT 4 creates an extra smooth (Ra < 0.06) coating with high anticorrosive properties on the surfaces of walls and pistons of main and operating cylinders of brakes (clutch). This helps eliminate the possibility of burring formation and corrosion. Reliability and smoothness of the brake system operation are improved. Even when the content of water in XADO DOT 4 is critical, the risk of break sticking is lower by 2–2.5 times if compared with the fluid without Revitalizant®.

Why should the brake fluid be changed

Brake fluid is hygroscopic, which means it can absorb moisture.

The new brake fluid has a very high boiling temperature (more than 500°F) and remains incompressible even by intensive heating up of the brakes during slowing down. It momentarily conveys the driver’s effort from the brake pedal to the brake cheek. With time moisture penetrates through microscopic pores in hoses and seals, gets accumulated in the brake fluid which reduces its boiling temperature. Overheating of brake pads can lead to boiling of the fluid. When boiling, gas bubbles are formed from steam and air. The fluid becomes compressible. The brake effort is conveyed not immediately thus a driver feels brake fading.

The risk of brake sticking is related to the fluid hygroscopicity. The accumulated moisture corrodes materials of cylinders and pistons. The products created due to corrosion can lead to the failure of smooth operation of the brake system and brake sticking.

The wet boiling temperature of 320 °С is considered extreme.

The fluid should be changed after 2–2.5 years of use.

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XADO DOT-4 Brake fluid


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